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Luke Raynor
What about parnate?
Comment from : Luke Raynor

steve moses
I need an urgent advice!!!
I've been given selegiline to add to my ldopa treatment mucuna in this case!
Which should I take first? Mucuna or selegiline or can I take both at the same time?

Comment from : steve moses

Alaïd Idnalid
While mirtazapine is mostly a receptor antagonist, why is it that it should not be combined with selegiline? Asenapine is related to mirtazapine yet has no such notice.
Comment from : Alaïd Idnalid

Brian Jones
Phenylethlamine and Selegiline taken together produces euphoria that is immensely powerful
Comment from : Brian Jones

Алексей С.
Is it safe to take oral selegiline (Eldepryl) sublingually?
Comment from : Алексей С.

Danny Phillips
I wish you would have talked more about the selegeline+phenethylamine dosing and ratoinale.
Comment from : Danny Phillips

Cito Rodriguez
Does missing a patch dosage at 12mg/hr cause dizziness or any other side effects? Is there permanent mental changes long term?
Comment from : Cito Rodriguez

Arif Brany
Can it reverse sexual dysfunction caused by ssri??
Comment from : Arif Brany

Dihelson Mendonca
Never take this drug when taking amphetamines, phenetylamines, Ritalin or any stimulant. It´s really dangerous combination. Phenetylamines are broken down by MAO-B. When you take Selegiline, you inhibit MAO-B, so, if you take any stimulant like amphetamines, you may have a hypertension crisis, and other terrible effects. Selegilin is known to cause insomnia, so, if you intend to SLEEP, be careful with doses. You don´t need even 2.5mg, perhaps 1.25mg from 2 to 3 days to fight depression.
Comment from : Dihelson Mendonca

Jamie Leigh Brooks
Does anyone use this orally for depression? How do you find it? About to start it.
Comment from : Jamie Leigh Brooks

God i was on Emsam... I still have the scar on my shoulder. 5 years later..
Comment from : WitherSpawn

Peter Chan
can it help fight anhedonia?
Comment from : Peter Chan

Can you please do a video on Nardil?
Comment from : CraynerProductions

im only taking 2.5mg a day and its pretty strong for me.
Comment from : BackFireZz

I'm asking my doctor for another script for Selegeline next week. What it did to me a few years ago after a few weeks was pretty amazing. It helped my memory amazingly. I could remember what everyone gave me for Christmas, no big deal you could say, it was a big deal for me. Also my libido was strong & good for a middle aged bloke. I only wish I'd have continued taking it.
Comment from : stemart1641

So ~1mg buccal rly translates to 10mg oraly?Damn,I was thinking of buying it and using it sublingualy , being on fluoxetine, i think u sort of saved me.
Thanks :P

Comment from : MetalicSlayer666

Anthony Bradley
In the 20 years I've been on 11 different psychiatric meds for anxiety and depression, I can say that Selegiline pretty much wipes the floor with any other drug. It's the most effective AD and anxiolytic with the lowest side effect profile. It's a nigh on perfect med but in the UK it's only approved for Parkinson's so I have to source it myself. I'm waiting on the day when the Emsam transdermal patch becomes available here. I just got done with sticking out 3 months on 15mg of vortioxetine, which is the biggest load of crap I've ever taken. The only good thing about it was that you could jump off without a taper and have no ill effects.
Comment from : Anthony Bradley

Kevin Gonzalez
Also there are some stimulant supplements that contain n-acetyl-tyramine. Is it a good thing to use o not?
Comment from : Kevin Gonzalez

Kevin Gonzalez
What is tyramine ?
Comment from : Kevin Gonzalez

Ascension Community
Make a video on the strongest manmade Oxytocin producing or invoking compound.
Comment from : Ascension Community

FACT: the NON-selective MAOIs are more powerful against depression than the selective MAOIs like selegeline, deprenyl, chlorgyline, etc.
Comment from : Parnate

How does this drug extends life?
Comment from : vfddcv

How come people claim that this drug increases life span?
Comment from : vfddcv

John Stivers
Comment from : John Stivers

If I take 5-10 mg do I need to restrict my diet?
Comment from : vfddcv

I just started this drug instead of ritalin. I will come back to review it in a week
Comment from : vfddcv

truth seeker
Seth plz do a video on clonezepam and prozac people been asking for very long time thanks
Comment from : truth seeker

alex soto
This drug is impossible to find.
Comment from : alex soto

egon krenz
No cheese ? No way .
Comment from : egon krenz

Anyone here taking this? I heard of selegiline from Hamilton Morris. i was taking Prozac (40mg) and it helped get me out of a bad space but didn't really help after that and i did not like the loss in libido *edit*holy shit i just looked at the diet restrictions and its kind of ridiculous
Comment from : Omoiyari23

can I take this with my Suboxone? my Dr just prescribed me this medication today for my depression. pill form. 5 mg
Comment from : Kenny

Hunter Brown
Can you do one about phenobarbital ! Or barbituastes
Comment from : Hunter Brown

adam gastech
I built up to 15-20mg twice daily for several years. And as a poly user I found it very beneficial in many ways. I had no unwanted reactions with foodstuffs or my somewhat risky lifestyle. Do your research properly and don't just get one opinion. You only get one life. If you enjoy going fast, staying up late talking to friends. And are on ssri type scripts that do nothing you need, then this helped me a lot. Sadly my excellent doc retired and the next doc was shocked that I had been taking this for so long at many times higher than the Parkinson's dosages. She cut me off. I had a mild week long transition. Can any doctors help me please? I am still currently selecting my new GP. But finding a GP with a scientific mind in au is difficult.
Comment from : adam gastech

Richard Aversa
I am so thankful I just found this channel! Great presentation of the information - reliable, concise, and aware of the big picture. This information is important for society. Keep up the good work!
Comment from : Richard Aversa

I'm currently on a an SNRI for depression and anxiety. I hate the decrease in libido and it also contributes to the tremor I have. This might be a bit of a bridge but due to Selegiline's effectiveness in Parkinson's patients would it potentially reduce a tremor? Or does it only have nootropic effects? Thank you! Your videos are dope!
Comment from : KillMeow

Kim Jong-Un
can you do cyclobenzaprine, oxyracetam and sertraline?
Comment from : Kim Jong-Un

Migas de Souza
Great video :) one more!
Comment from : Migas de Souza

Max Lodge
This must be what Hillary Clinton has been taking.
Comment from : Max Lodge

55555 55555
Have you done cocaine already
Comment from : 55555 55555

Caeden Singh
BUPROPION!! There seriously is not enough info about it on the internet as there should be
Comment from : Caeden Singh

PLEASE DO PMA AND AMBIEN, awesome video btw
Comment from : Choloubek

Great video as always. Are you planning on making a video about L-DOPA?
Comment from : Anticonny

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