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Buck Rogers
Damn concise. TQ very much!
Comment from : Buck Rogers

Ahmad Jarjis
U r awesome
Comment from : Ahmad Jarjis

icha iszen
thank you
Comment from : icha iszen

brian obegi
You’re a genius son
Comment from : brian obegi

Anjali G
i would love to say that sir you are amazing wonderful and and there is no word for you seriously such a wonderful creature you are💖💖 Lots of Thanks sir.. love from India 🇮🇳
Comment from : Anjali G

Giorgi Bagrationi
There's is a place in heaven for people like you!
Comment from : Giorgi Bagrationi

maria ulfa
it clearly and you gave more information about treatment Parkinson thank you
Comment from : maria ulfa

Vaisakh V Nath
I love this channel
Comment from : Vaisakh V Nath

Eslam El Nebrisi
Comment from : Eslam El Nebrisi

Reshu Tolangi
Now m damn clear .thank you so much
Comment from : Reshu Tolangi

Sylvia Kazi
As usual it's great learning resource!
Comment from : Sylvia Kazi

Twinkle Light
Comment from : Twinkle Light

Mohamed Nuur
Plz plz and plz make your lactures for playlist to flow the lactures
Comment from : Mohamed Nuur

Ajay Yadav
Please tell me about the Botox injections and it's roll in the treatment of writings cramps assencial tremors and P.D.
Comment from : Ajay Yadav

Bupe Chikumbi
Thank you
Comment from : Bupe Chikumbi

usuario 3131
One tip, i think that if u write down the key words of for explanation on the screen you would improve clarity n fixation. Keep up the great work
Comment from : usuario 3131

Nerotso Rotzz
very useful video
Comment from : Nerotso Rotzz

Nagalla Teja
this is my first video i watch in u r channel
after this video i watch almost all videos of channel

Comment from : Nagalla Teja

Afira tik
your video really helping me to understanding this syndrom, thank you
Comment from : Afira tik

Khadija Noor
U r a legend.. 👍👍👍👍
Comment from : Khadija Noor

mohit sharma
Good morning Sir/Madam,
I need permission to use this video to teach Nursing students for research purpose. Please permit me for this.
Thank you.

Comment from : mohit sharma

Mansi behl
Sir please aap jitne bhi lesson's hai kd tripathi book main pharmacology ke sab pe video bana do dhire dhire , hamara bhala hoga please fir hamain vo itni badi book padke sir nahi khapana hoga
Comment from : Mansi behl

Mansi behl
You are best aur more than best please make more videos on pharmacology , now because of I love pharmacology thanks 🙂🙂
Comment from : Mansi behl

Anagha Tarade
So useful . ❤
Comment from : Anagha Tarade

Par M
Can you do a video on non parkison tremors like essential tremors and how medicines like inderal and primidone work for these tremors.
Comment from : Par M

vishal spartan
Can you please make a video about anti cancer drugs
Comment from : vishal spartan

bad Tree
Sir please upload video on topical dosage form i.e, difference between cream ,gel , ointment ,etc, please
Comment from : bad Tree

Am confused I studied that. Selegiline blocks conversion of dopamine into 3-mt by inhibiting MAO-B, While tolcapone blocks conversion of dopamine to DOPAC by inhibiting central COMT.
Does This means that MAO-B which is predominant, converts dopamine to 3-MT and COMT Converts dopamine into DOPAC.

Comment from : ALTAIR EUGENE

Your videos are nice. But ur speech
Amino acid pronounced immuno

Comment from : ALTAIR EUGENE

Lilla Meszaros
Right now I am learning for my Pharmacology exam and your videos help me so much! Thank you!!! :D
Comment from : Lilla Meszaros

Gabe M
Where are the sources though? The videos are great but the lack of sources drives me towards other channels that provide cited research.
Comment from : Gabe M

Dr. N
Comment from : Dr. N

Dr. N
Comment from : Dr. N

Dr. N
Can u guide me how can i improove my lectures..any one plzzz
Comment from : Dr. N

Dr. N
Comment from : Dr. N

Dr. N
Comment from : Dr. N

Dr. N
Comment from : Dr. N

Dr. N
Comment from : Dr. N

Dr. N
Comment from : Dr. N

Dr. N
Comment from : Dr. N

Dear sir, please do a video on cardio drugs ...BB, CCB, ACE, ARB, nitrates etc pleaseeeeeeee...you've been a life savior @speedpharmacology
Comment from : jugy

Dean George
Thank you! These videos are very helpful. Do you have a recommendation for a pharmacology textbook that would be a good reference to have?
Comment from : Dean George

Your videos are just awsome!!
It would be nice if you could include drug interactions and contraindications of drugs

Comment from : Shirin

Ali Altmeem
Your video is very very helpful
I wish you make video about
Principles of antimicrobial therapy
Protein synthesis inhibitors
Cell wall inhibitors
Antifungal drugs
Antivirals drugs
Anticancer drugs
Please i need it
Final exam about these above

Comment from : Ali Altmeem

Aishwarya Chunamuri
Can I get explanation on nootropics sir ...
Comment from : Aishwarya Chunamuri

ankit sharma
great sir make more videos
Comment from : ankit sharma

Leila ليلا
Thank u
Comment from : Leila ليلا

Lili Renfrey
love your videos! please do a rheumatoid arthritis video!!!
Comment from : Lili Renfrey

Learning Medicine
Please upload moreeeee videos you are doing a great help
Comment from : Learning Medicine

Priyanka Jeevakumar
Thank you , you made it so easy
Comment from : Priyanka Jeevakumar

Christos Saripanidis
Fantastic lecture Consist and really good
Thank you

Comment from : Christos Saripanidis

We need a video about pulmonary pharmacology
Comment from : Hajar

Ahmed AbdSam
U r my favorite 😍😍😍
Comment from : Ahmed AbdSam

Dhruv Mathukia
Big Fan Sir. Please do a video on antiemetics
Comment from : Dhruv Mathukia

Lungile Chimya
You're a saviour
Comment from : Lungile Chimya

Stephan raad
Comment from : Stephan raad

Drugs for asthma please
Comment from : jxvf

Dr Vivek
Whoever doing these videos..., Dude. It's awesome.
But please change the pitch and make yur voice a bit enthusiastic.
Thank you 😊

Comment from : Dr Vivek

Kinza Trofimuik
Plz make more videos ,
Comment from : Kinza Trofimuik

Your lectures are awesome! Would you be able to do Rheumatology meds?
Comment from : P A

chinmay shendge
This video was amazing !! Please upload a video on respiratory system drugs
Comment from : chinmay shendge

Roy Propsner
Parkinson's disease

Diagnosed 2012
My regimen:
The positives: no bradykinesia, I cut my food with a knife, no button difficulties, brush my teeth now w/o needing elect brush, more strength. Getting in and out of bed, turning over is easier. No more constipation. Parkinson's progression stopped. Suppressed all motor and non-motor symptoms...
Entering my 7th year post diagnosis and have not fallen, not once, to the surprise of my neuro. Was seeing neuro every 6th month, last visit he set app one year. He said if needed we could do some changes earlier. He said my condition can change in as little time as one week.
New schedule, now I follow this regimen:
3 x day C/L 50-200 ER : 8 am, 2 pm, 8 pm. Because it is ER, I take with or w/o food.
2 x day (8 am 2g, and 2 pm 2g) Vitacost vitamin B1 (as thiamine HCL) 500mg, easy swallow capsules

B1 Thiamine therapy reference / stop progression, suppress motor and non-motor symptoms:
(Thiamine HCL is oral substitute to injecting B1) 2 x day (morning 2g and at lunch 2g)
Doctor Costantini strategy that I find helpful "thiamine hcl stops the progression forever...".

join my facebook group:
"parkinson's thiamine hcl"
www.facebook.com/groups/232260083958797  …
Parkinson's Relief, Questions and Answers

facebook group: 
"parkinson's thiamine hcl"
1. Read page, About, open links.,
2. On Files page, open B1 FAQ document.
3. On Files page, download First Appointment document , answer and submit.
4. In Files, Dose Adjustment
5. In Files, (2) From and by Dr. Costantini
6. read Announcements

Comment from : Roy Propsner

osama's channel
Comment from : osama's channel

Hajoora Haider
Within 9:30 minutes you gave me more knowledge than two hours class in my college ....you r the best 👍
Comment from : Hajoora Haider

Biomed Master
Imagine being able to replace lost neurons, instead of just slowing down the inevitable degeneration of these dopaminergic neurons. I attended a research symposium today where they were debating on the future implementation of 'preimprinted' neurons, from a petridish, grown out of pluripotent stem cells. Although early steps, I think this will become the future :)
Comment from : Biomed Master

saurabh sahani
Comment from : saurabh sahani

Alan Allos
Thanks, I just had a lecture on this too!
Comment from : Alan Allos

Suhani Sharma
Sir..plzz do on corticosteroids
Comment from : Suhani Sharma

Dr. Battula Pradeep
Sir, please do on anticancer drugs and on immunosuppressants..
Comment from : Dr. Battula Pradeep

Doraemon Nobita
please after this make hallucinogens drug.
Comment from : Doraemon Nobita

Why are Direct Dopamine agonists non addictive whole Indirect Dopamine Agonists are?
Comment from : Nick

A.H. Aziz
I always keep waiting for your videos and the moment you upload one and I receive the notification, I know my day is good. Thanks for the quality content, man.
Comment from : A.H. Aziz

Awesome, thanks!
Comment from : Stephen

Pilwane Rapelwana
Comment from : Pilwane Rapelwana

Thank you so much, I have my pharmacology test on Parkison's disease tomorrow, so great for studying!
Comment from : Sipsik1302

Yosephin Irene
Comment from : Yosephin Irene

Biopharma zone
THANX i was waiting for this ,exams in april
Comment from : Biopharma zone

Muhammad Hamza
You Are the great sir osm explaination thank you
Comment from : Muhammad Hamza

How to Medicate
Very informational recap! Clearly explained, and fun to watch. What can I say more?!
Comment from : How to Medicate

manish sharma
just before my sessional exam,thnx buddy
Comment from : manish sharma

Thanks a lot Speed
Comment from : CIARA OLUOMA

Young Dr.
Your videos are awesome 😎 thank you so much 😊 love your videos
Comment from : Young Dr.

AnoRectal Stump
How serendipitous, I have a test on this tomorrow. Thank you for a great explanation!
Comment from : AnoRectal Stump

Sandra Jackson
Comment from : Sandra Jackson

ProGuide Entertainment
Amazing explanation
Comment from : ProGuide Entertainment

michael palma
Comment from : michael palma

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